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  1. Laila
    Laila at · Reply

    Hello, I am interested in looking email pals frm China…especially Muslims from China, pls I only know english & malay

    I have tried a few websites but most only have non-muslim chinese..
    Maybe you can recommend soewebists or put up a new section for this site?

    just a humble suggesstion on my part

  2. Samar
    Samar at · Reply

    Alsalam alikom,
    我叫 夏天, 我是穆斯林约旦人, 我说一点儿汉语, 我想教中国穆斯林人阿拉伯语和古兰经免费 .
    我的email 是

  3. Ahmed Bilal Awan
    Ahmed Bilal Awan at · Reply

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I am Ahmed Bilal from Pakistan. I am here to share and ask few things. As i found teaching job in China and am moving to China soon. As i am a Muslim and am moving to China but i have few worries about me. I want to be a part of my Muslim Brothers and Sisters there in China. I need your help my brother. I will be alone there but if the brothers of Islam are there i have no need to worry about anything.

    Please contact me I need to be in contact with my Muslim Brothers and Sisters from China.

    Thanks and Love to all!!!

    Ahmed Bilal Awan

  4. tayib
    tayib at · Reply

    Salam Alaykum Brothers in Islam,

    Quran and Sunnah

    Builds Masjids Mosque in China

    Jazakum Allah Khairan


  5. Ray
    Ray at · Reply

    This is a great website. Keep it up!

  6. yusuf
    yusuf at · Reply


  7. Haseeb Shaikh
    Haseeb Shaikh at · Reply

    very informative

  8. benyamin yew abdullah
    benyamin yew abdullah at · Reply

    assalamuaalaikum walamatuhlahi wabarakatuh,
    dear brother,
    please advise where can i get islam hadith or books in mandarin.
    i m a chinese muslim from malaysia.
    would be great if u can guide me to the above matter.

    1. Md.Robiul Islam
      Md.Robiul Islam at · Reply

      Dear Muslim brother Benyamin Yew Abdullah.
      Don’t worry. I want to help you for found Islamic books by mandarin language. Please contact me +60163958123

  9. saleh
    saleh at · Reply

    hi dear webmaster
    i’m looking for some muslim in china to cantact with and work in future in sha allah,please introduce me.

  10. Irfan
    Irfan at · Reply


    Great work please do keep it UP

  11. Stranger
    Stranger at · Reply

    “Seek knowledge even if you have to go to China” is not a hadith, please remove because the Prophet(pbuh) asked not to attribute things he didn’t say to him. Wassalamu Alykum from some guy.

  12. Dewi Astika
    Dewi Astika at · Reply

    Assalammu’alaykum waroahmatullahi wa barakatuh
    I come from Indonesia, arrive in Shaghai at 24 october 2012, and 26 October is I
    Id Adha, 10 Zulhijjah. Iam Looking for the Mosque for Sholat. but I am not find it.
    I try to find the area from this community, still not find…but I am glad that
    this information gived in this google. Congratulation…

    Wassalammu’alaykum wr. wb

  13. seif.Ramadhan.seif
    seif.Ramadhan.seif at · Reply

    For the name of ALLAH.
    Asalaam alykum!
    I need to come in China for FIHSABILLAAH, to help to teach ISLAM,
    i am muslim brother in Tanzania,how can get visa to come? I have money for every thing.
    Ishaalah i wait to hear from my brother and sistar from china.

    wabilaah tawfiq, Asalaam alykum.

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