Books by Wang Daiyu in Chinese

Books by Wang Daiyu in Chinese

[Image source: Calligraphy by Haji Noor Deen Mi Guang Jiang]

Here is a complete text of 清真大学 Great Learning of Islam (or Advanced Learning of Islam) by Wang Daiyu. Here is an explanation of the translation of title of the book by my friend Linfan Zhu. “大学(Da Xue). The meaning of Daxue nowadays is university. However, at that time, university was called Guozijian(国子监). In traditional Chinese, Xiaoxue(小学) means the knowledge of language. Daxue(大学) means the knowledge of philosophy or the principles of study. Therefore, 清真大学(Qingzhen Daxue) should mean “Great Learning of Islam” (or “Advanced Learning of Islam“)”

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Note: These texts written in Classical Chinese by scholars who were well versed in Confucian and Taoist philosophy as well as classical Islamic learning and may be thus too dense for most people to read, and are especially not meant for people who are beginners in this field or are not familiar with classical Chinese Philosophy or with Islam as these texts would be too dense for them.

Acknowledgement: I would like to especially thank brother Linfan Zhu for providing these texts.