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Islam in China is a web resource and a website on site on all things at the intersection Chinese, Islamic, Muslim and everything in between. The aim of this website is to explore the culture, history, philosophy and traditions of Chinese Muslims regardless of their origin or background.

About Wang Daiyu

Wang Daiyu is the nom de plume employed by the creator and editor of the award winning blog Islam in China and the Islam in China website. He is a doctoral candidate at a University in the Mid-west and a committed sinophile.

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  1. Junli
    Junli at · Reply

    Alihamudulilah, it is a wonderful project and helps more people to know about Islam and Muslims of China.

    There is a critical web on Islam and Muslims in China focusing on Uyghurs and Xinjiang:

  2. T.Mahmood
    T.Mahmood at · Reply

    Dear Wang Daiyu, I think this website is great. Keep up the good work!
    I am a British muslim and I have more than just a passive interest in China. Insha’Allah I wish to learn Mandarin very soon so I can communicate with my Chinese Muslim brothers. I have also decided that I wish to take a Chinese Muslim wife, I believe Hui community would be best if I also wish to learn the language. Please could you tell me of any organisations,NGO’s,marriage bureaus etc that could help me in this endeavour? I have no one else to turn to but you.


    T. Mahmmod

  3. Laila
    Laila at · Reply

    Salam/ peace to all
    Alhamdullilah, I think this is a fantastic website and i have informed my friends and family to check it out.


  4. Siyi
    Siyi at · Reply

    This is a brilliant blog! I am a Chinese Muslim student (Hui) currently studying Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies(B.A.)in the Middle East. I’ve been dreaming to learn about my family and heritage for a long time. This blog really opened my eyes and introduced me to so many great scholars and their interesting books! My goal is to become a scholar and research about Islam in China one day. It’d mean the world to me if anyone could give me some advice and guidance. :)

  5. Amin Hamid
    Amin Hamid at · Reply

    Dear Muslim Brothers & Sisters,

    Looking for info to have discussion with the Mosque Committee in Guangzhou with english speaking as well as other Chinese Muslim NGO’s, organisation to make some arrangements to meet them in September to discuss on several topics on deviant teaching, islamic rituals,fatwa discussion with the Ulama’, Islamic Law System, tithe in Guangzhou. Kindly forward info to carrezeo@yahoo.com or amin@crossborder.com.my.

    Thanking you in advance.
    Amin Hamid-Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

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